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Solidyne products provide comfort, energy savings and value in the HVACR, industrial, energy and specialized OEM markets. Solidyne’s 35 years of experience produces products with the best value, for both the end user and the integrator. This expertise creates customized solutions to complex problems for OEMs in diverse markets. Explore our website and discover what Solidyne Solutions can do for you!


The PNT-1 is a new high tech all in one Thermostat Controller has all the features you have come to expect from Solidyne’s visionary design staff. Bundling current and forward reaching technologies in both hardware and software entities, Solidyne has created a dedicated, application specific, networkable Thermostat Controller that simplifies installation and programming while providing leading edge capabilities.



The M2 is a fully programmable unitary controller, used to control RTU's, HP's, FCU's, AHU's along with central plant operations such as Boiler & Chiller applications. The controller includes 8 universal inputs, 8 analog outputs (0-10vdc) & 8 relay/triac outputs. All relay outputs have HOA switches on them allowing quick and easy commissioning. The M2 controllers easily integrate into Niagara and other front end systems due to its native BACnet/MSTP communication.




The M2V is VAV controller and part of the M2 family of controllers. It has a built in flow sensor and can also include an attached/integrated actuator. The M2V can control up to 4 actuators, making it truly universal. Leveraging the same BACnet/MSTP communication, it can easily integrate into Niagara and/or any other BACnet system.




The U8 builds upon the M2 legacy of controllers and is introduced as one of the first wireless Sedona based controllers in the market using Tridium's Jennic module.  It has 8 universal inputs, 8 relay outputs and 2 analog outputs.  Designed to be inexpensive IO and easy to install.


The 4b is a wireless Sedona temperature sensor with optional push button override, slider setpoint, integrated humidty transducer, ambient light level and motion sensing. Also using Tridium's Jennic wireless module, it is designed to be low cost and easy to install.

The JACE is a front end, browser based device that can integrate disimilar building systems into a unified graphical user interface. All of our products are 100% Niagara compatible. Drivers are available for our Sedona, BACnet/MSTP & even legacy products. You can learn more about the Niagara framework at Tridium's website.

The long anticipated SMRT actuators are Smart Tough and can cover almost 90% of all VAV applications with the ability to automatically recognize communication signals such as On/Off, Floating, 0-10VDC, 2-10 VDC, 4-20mA, PWM and Characterized Stroke. The non corrosive cast aluminum housing gives the SMRT actuators durability not found in any of our competitors models. Small enough to squeeze into the tightest locations but tough enough to cover any applications up to 100in/lbs the advanced design of this actuator is sure to impress. The programmable output signal for position feedback can communicate at 0-5VDC 0-10VDC or 2-10VDC. This is truly an actuator that can cover so many of your applications that you can buy in bulk to get additional cost savings.