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SAM - Universal Controller


The SAM family of universal controllers are a continuation of the M2 product line.  They utilize Bacnet/IP and Sedona Framework along with Ethernet and WIFI connectivity.  Fully programmable with multiple IO options makes the SAM controllers the most versatile in the industry.

SAM-V - VAV Controller


The SAM-V is part of the SAM family of controllers but includes an onboard actuator and differential pressure transducer for measuring CFM for VAV/VVT applications.  With all the same basic features as the SAM unitary controllers, it is one of the most advanced wireless VAV controllers on the market today.

PNT1 - Thermostat


The PNT-1 is a new high tech all in one Thermostat Controller has all the features you have come to expect from Solidyne’s visionary design staff. Bundling current and forward reaching technologies in both hardware and software entities, Solidyne has created a dedicated, application specific, networkable Thermostat Controller that simplifies installation and programming while providing leading edge capabilities.

M2 - Universal Controller


The M2 is a fully programmable unitary controller, used to control RTU's, HP's, FCU's, AHU's along with central plant operations such as Boiler & Chiller applications. The controller includes 8 universal inputs, 8 analog outputs (0-10vdc) & 8 relay/triac outputs. All relay outputs have HOA switches on them allowing quick and easy commissioning. The M2 controllers easily integrate into Niagara and other front end systems due to its native BACnet/MSTP communication.

M2V - VAV Controller


The M2V is VAV controller and part of the M2 family of controllers. It has a built in flow sensor and can also include an attached/integrated actuator. The M2V can control up to 4 actuators, making it truly universal. Leveraging the same BACnet/MSTP communication, it can easily integrate into Niagara and/or any other BACnet system.

M2D - Small Equipment Controller


The M2-D is a low cost universal controller that is built onto the same chassis/mainboard as the M2-V. It has a different cover and updated terminal blocks. The M2-D was developed as a low point count controller designed to control Heat Pump type applications that require only a few inputs/outputs. Internal firmware of the M2-D will report the controller as an M2-V although the M2-D does not come with any plug in cards other than a 4 channel relay card (M2-R4).

M2-Di - Digital Input Controller


The M2-DI digital input controller utilizes the M2 hardware platform, but comes with one or two M2-CDI plug in modules that plug into the M2 expansion slots. This eliminates any digital output functionality from the controller. The M2-DI is identical to the M2, it just removes digital outputs and replaces them with 16 digital inputs via the M2-CDI plug in cards. See the M2-CDI datasheet for more information on how these digital inputs are wired and configured.

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