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Latest Work

Series 2000 7 Day Programmable Timer:

4 Channel Controller, each channel is an output relay with -Form C contacts. It would be programmed up to 18 times turn ON and OFF events in a week. Power Input: 120 VAC, Back up: 9 VDC batteries back up. It was built in a custom made compact metal housing.

Sloan Valve Sequential Timer:

24 VAC input, 3 Triac 5 Amps 24 VAC Outputs. It sequentially turned on 3-water valves (triac outputs) to flush toilets in the unattended bathrooms in parks and forest preserves. Epoxy covered for protecting from corrosion.

Sloan Valve Optical Detection for flushing urns:


24 VAC input electronic module. It had one 24 VAC triac output to control water solenoid. It detected people in public bathrooms standing in front of the urinals for longer than programmed time period. Its circuitry included high current IR LEDs pulsing and detected reflected IR light with its IR receiver. It turned on the water valve for an adjustable time delay if the detected person left.

Enerscan Thermostat duty cycler (Microprocessor based):

No programming was needed. It monitored how often existing thermostat was calling for Heat or Cool. Based on this learned information, it started to turn heating and cooling earlier before the thermostat was satisfied. It continued to run the fan. Hence, it collected all the stored heat or cool in the mechanical duct body. It is installed in series with the Thermostat Heat and Cool wires. It had a display that showed the status and how much savings is done via moving LEDs. It reduced the capacity of a large heating or cooling units by turning off the heat or cool before it was detected by the thermostat. Saved 15 to 20% cost.

EIL Instruments OEM Compressor Rack Controller Model RC1000:

Compressor Rack mounted for temperature control, defrost control and pressure control in one controller. Programmable for many functions including compressor sequence, variable speeds. Alarm functions for temperature, head and suction pressure. Could be remotely monitored Historical logging of all temperature, pressure, power, on-off cycles. Designed primarily for Supermarket. All Input-Output wiring modular.

Teletimer System: Subscription Energy Management System:

Teletimer asked Solidyne to develop an IBM PC Software where it would be tied to a weather station. IBM PC further generates 4,000 different programs. Then, the PC would be attached to either cable head end or Radio Station with transmitted power 25KW or higher as side band. Example, if the FM station was transmitting at FM100, we would superimpose data at FM100.08 MHz with no disturbance to the Audio transmission. Out of 4,000 programs, some of them would change due to weather conditions. Example: If it started raining, Program 800 through 900 would change for Sprinkling Outputs. Outdoor lighting had similar programs, when the outdoor light levels went below set ft-cd (foot-candle), Programs 1230 to 1250 would turn on its output relay. Sears Roebuck Service technician would come to your house, install a receiver which received the defined frequency RF signals and extracted the data signals. Then it injects RF signals at much lower frequency on to the building power lines as Power Line Carrier (PLC) signals. PLC signals then are received by 120 VAC or 240 VAC wall outlet plug in PLC – receivers. The PLC receivers would extract the data from PLC signals and send them as a serial data to a small microcomputer based Decoder Module. Decoder modules had three 16 position rotary code switches. Set each code switch from 0 up to letter F (0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F). Hence you have a selection of a number one out of 16 x 16 x 16 = 4096 numbers. Home owners would look at color coded pages for Hot Water Heater, Thermostat, Sprinkling system, any outside-inside lights, pool-spa pumps etc. Based on the owner’s life style, he selected the closest code number and sets his 3 rotary switches (such as A93). Then this decoder – selector module would follow however the program was set up at the IBM head end site. Each module or point of control cost US$ 3.00 per month plus one time installation. Solidyne completely developed and supplied the system to work both on Cable and also via FM antenna. Several hundred Systems were installed in 4 different towns in Florida and Texas. System worked perfectly.

Solidyne AG Company: Central Pivot Irrigation System:

Solidyne established a new company under the name Solidyne AG, where 2-3 other companies were also partners. This started in Yuma, Colorado - where they use a lot of Central Pivot Water Irrigation Systems. Irrigation pipes would be rotated at the top of 10-12 feet high towers. These towers would have 2 to 4 truck tires, sprinkler heads, large AC or DC Motors coupled in to a big gear boxes. Solidyne AG system monitored the position of the pivot (0-360 degrees), controlled contactors for water pumps (pumps would suck the water from underground lakes and rivers), measure amount of fertilizer to added in to the water, control motors that move the towers (sometimes speed is controlled via frequency drivers), monitor the water pressure pumped , continuously check current going in to these motors in case if they are jammed and before the motors burn-out. Even further, it would be possible to measure the moisture levels (Solidyne designed) at certain dept of the soil. After this system, now the farmer could sit at his home and in front of his PC and remotely (and graphically) monitor his pivots and irrigation via RF Modems. He would change the speed, amount of water, fertilizers based on the angular position, moisture levels and monitor expensive gear boxes. (Gear boxes may be damaged if there is a flat tire).

Solidyne – EP System: In House Arrest System:

Solidyne established a company under the name EP System (stands for Erturk-Polk). The company’s business was to supply monitoring services for the correctional facilities anywhere in USA. It cost over US$ 80,000 to imprison a person. A lot of the prisoners are non-violent offenders of law, such as multiple DUI people. The cost of the services was less than US$ 10.00 per day and paid by the detainee. The system was composed of an ankle or wrist bracelet, black box plugged into the existing phone lines without requiring additional lines. A court judge determined if the detainee was non-violent, so they could continue to work and take care of his family and be able to pay for the service charges. Then, the probation officer would permanently install the ankle (wrist) bracelet; black box gets installed and powered. Central monitoring location initialized the system and would then start monitoring continuously, if deemed by the courts.

Teledyne LLS Smart Boiler System:

This was a development for Teledyne’s Laars Commercial Boiler division in Moorpark California. The system had many features and functions that were much advanced then any other controller in market. LLS has various unique capabilities. These were in Summary: Unique Features: Dynamic LCD Display 20 Character Alpha-Numeric Message Board Various Icons indication present status Dynamic water flow, Flames on, Inducer Fan, Gas Valve opening, Bar Graph combustion fan speed Memory Module, Remote updating Programs and Operating System Software LCD Sensor Value –Status Display Capabilities: Occupancy, Summer-Winter, Domestic Hot Water Level and temperature, DHW Target Temperature, Fan Speed 0-100%, Gas Valve modulation 0-100%, Inlet Temp, Outlet Temp, Outside Temp, Real Time Clock Control Functions: Main Pump, Air Intake Blowers, Draft Inducer fans, 2-Safety Gas Valves, 4 modulating gas valves (0-10 or 4-20 mA). Built in Spark and How Surface Gas Igniters, Reliable flame sensor – via flame rectification, Domestic Hot Water Tank Pump and Water temperature Control, Domestic Hot water tank level control, Sensed how rusty the hot water over a period of time, Equal run for pumps, Valves Sensor and Inputs: Occupancy Input, Boiler Inlet Temp Sensor, Boiler Outlet Temp Sensor , Water level and conductivity Sensor, Water Flow Sensor, Burner Temp Safety Switches, Fusible Links, Draft Pressure Sensor, Outdoor Temperature Sensor, Door Switch to monitor if the controller door is opened for safety reasons

World Drier Timer:


Its input was 95 to 277 VAC Input. Output: 40 Amps Triac Output. It turned on the high wattage heater and small blower motor for a programmed period of time if a push plunger is pressed. Solidyne invented a unique design where attached a donut shape permanent magnet at the end of the plunger rod. When this magnet passed by a magnetic switch on the board, the triac turned on for a fixed but adjustable time. It was real small, 50 A triac swaged in and epoxy filled.

Paragon Model EC3216 32 Channel Controller:


Model EC3216 was designed and developed for AMF company Paragon Controls. It was very similar to Solidyne 3200 Micro-Mizer Controller. It was mechanically totally different looking Controller. It also has modular 32 Relay outputs (with increments of 8 channels) and fixed 16 channel Analog Sensor Inputs. Speech Synthesizer was an optional module.

Serial Controllers for EIL Instruments:

As described earlier, RC1000 had all I/Os built inside the controller. This was very costly to home-run wiring. Solidyne came out with an idea where using only two wires, two way communication was established between the Master Controller and the I/O Modules. Serial I/O Modules were 8 Channel Relay Card, 8 Input Sensor Module and 4 Output Analog Output Module (0-10 VDC),

Square-D Motorized Breaker and wall switches:

As a part of a Smart House Development, Solidyne and Teletimer (Previously indicated) worked with Square D to develop a smart home automation system. Solidyne invented a small, inexpensive wall Switch where the occupants would turn it on or off but when Home Controller send a command, the wall switch mechanically move back to ON or OFF position. Solidyne also helped developed motorized breaker via using small DC motor placed inside a breaker. If externally Class II voltage (typically 24 VAC or DC) applied to the motor, it would run until the capacitor in series with the motor is charged and motor stops running.

Fluidmaster Pro-Temp Water Heater Controller PT-5000:

PT-5000 was designed to be installed over an existing Domestic Hot Water Heaters. It would memorize usage pattern and adjust water temperature for the required demand. It would have inlet and outlet water pipe temperature sensors, wrapped around the copper –steel water pipes. It would log the inlet, outlet, and differential temperatures. Apply ON-Off commands based on these sensor readings. PT-5000 saved substantial cost for hotels and dormitories.

Square-D Home-Commercial control panels:

Design of Modular Control panels where they used exactly the same Breaker Box – Panel base. Instead of high voltages wired into the breaker panel, typically 24 VAC would be wired. Different types of Units would be powered and addressed via an external user interface serially. There would be all 8 channel Relay Module, Sensor Module and Analog Output modules.

GE X-RAY Table by Solidyne-TLK Industries:

Solidyne’s metal enclosure fabricator TLK Industries and Solidyne jointly developed advanced X-Ray table for a defined quantities (1000 pcs) where it was turned over to GE after this many tables. This was used in hospitals where a die was injected in to the patient blood stream. Immediately the table moves for the X-Ray to take 3-6 shots of the die flow. Unique feature of the table was to use a DC motor and advanced method of accelerating – run and decelerating the table. Table would move 3-D any direction via Joy stick. After 1000 delivered, GE took over the production.

Simon Controller:

Simon Controller was an attempt to develop 64 channel totally modular Controller. It was very similar to XL9600 32 Channel Controller. After the product designed and developed, Sear installing technicians requested to add node number to each Controllers and serially network them. New XL9600 became Simon Controller. Shortly after, 8 in-8 out smaller number of I/O controllers (Clipper) were much preferred due to distributed controls and lower cost installation provided they were Peer to Peer.

MVAC VAV Controllers and System:

This was the first time developing VAV controller with built in actuator. The system used 2 wire bi-directional communications at low baud rates. It also required electric reheat and second actuator modules to control dual duct or hot water reheat VAV systems. Solidyne installed over 1,000 such units and made a deal to work with Belimo for their LM series actuators at very low prices.

JANDY TC2000 Pool-Spa Controller:

(Jandy Lite2 LD Model Pool Heater Natural Gas) Designed to control both Pool and Spa. Has FLASH Based Operating System that can be updated in the field without replacing the Controller Has all the required functions built in to one Controller. Ignition, Temperature Control, All safety wiring and User interface are standard capability. Comes with 120 or 240 VAC power input (and control only 120 VAC HS Igniter) capability. All the inputs and outputs are optically isolated for maximum safety. Gas valve is controlled by two different relays in series for safety. Has Watch Dog circuitry to monitor the internal Processor proper operation. Monitors and displays all Sensor values, status of Outputs, State of the Controller Has a custom LCD display that dynamically shows all moving items such as Pump, Draft Blower (if installed), Gas Valves, Water Flow, Gas Flow, Air Flow Comes with Local and remote control capabilities. 3-position Toggle switch can select and control the Heater for Pool-Spa selection and turn off functions Has a built in Hot Surface Ignition Control Module: HS Igniter can use any HS Heater assembly Can use any Flame Rod for flame detection including the HS heater itself. Flame signal is an analog signal to indicate the strength of the flame if desired. All wiring is a cable assembly for least amount of wiring labor or field service, supplied by Solidyne at low cost. All Outputs has built in LED status indicators. Inlet Temperature Sensor in a stainless steel sensor well.

F100: ecWizard-Wireless Pneumatic DDC Controller:

The ecWizard (F100) has pneumatic ports and control solenoids internally. F100 connects between the existing pneumatic thermostat/controller (or-new installed wall sensor) and a damper actuator or any heating/cooling valve. Its internal control the pneumatic switching valves are provided for on, off, and auto control. F100 is powered by battery, 24VAC or optional energy harvesting. It has four hard wired universal inputs. Input values and output commands are transmitted wirelessly to the host wireless master. Typical installation would be to mount the F100 in the ceiling next to the VAV Box. Wired or wireless room temperature sensors transmit information to the remote communications controller. Headend Controller is Tridium JACE Controller which is equipped with 6LoWPAN 802.15.4 protocol Transreceiver. F100 has 4 Universal inputs for Room temp, CFM, Supply Air and Branch Control Pressure. F100 also has 2 Analog Outputs (0-10 VDC) in case modulating type valves exist at the installed site. Individual zone can be programmed for holidays, optimize start stop for EMS services. Alarms, adjustable dead band set points, complete shut off of air (CFM), heating, and cooling in unoccupied mode. Room thermostat continues to control if the F100 loses communications. Utilizes a Head End Controller (JACE) provides extensive trends, data logs for supply air, room air; lighting, motion, CFM, and heating branch pressure cooling branch pressures are accumulated. Large valve switching ports are not as susceptible to contamination like other thermostat and wireless mounted controllers. F100 is capable for demand response type programs. F100 modes of controls are: Auto: Provides a direct unaffected control from the existing pneumatic thermostat. Off: Shuts off the heating and/or cooling to the controlled device. On: Overrides the thermostat and provides full open for morning warm-up with cooling only VAV. Digital on-off for fan control. Digital on-off for electric heat.

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