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We have a well decorated, modern building but we were constantly plagued with temperature and humidity problems. Customers and employees alike frequently complained the room temperature was not comfortable.


Once Solidyne products were installed, we had better control of all of our HVAC and lighting equipment, even in key areas such as the ATM, the parking lot and our main outdoor signage. The system notifies our building maintenance company of a problem before we even discover it. We use Solidyne’s browser based system to view real time data as well as to control and analyze the operation of our equipment from any location via the internet.



Our church has many areas, including class rooms and offices. The number of people occupying these areas varies drastically each day; as a result our heating and cooling needs constantly change. Our energy bills were skyrocketing because of our manually controlled thermostats and lighting.


The Solidyne system we installed has made a remarkable difference. We reserve the areas of our church several weeks in advance, and the system is able to automatically pre-heat or cool the space. Comfort levels have greatly improved.


We control all indoor and outdoor lighting, all HVAC equipment and lawn sprinklers. Ever changing event schedules and comfort requirements are easily and conveniently handled via the internet. Our energy bills have decreased substantially— I wish we had installed our Solidyne system months ago!


Convenience Stores


We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The proper operation of all coolers, freezers and HVAC equipment is vital to our business. Our Solidyne system gives us peace of mind.

The Solidyne system constantly monitors our sandwich, ice cream and frozen food cases as well as our walk-in coolers. Our air filters are monitored so that we know when they need to be changed. All lighting for our signage and parking lot is constantly checked. If even a single 40-watt bulb burns out, we know it instantly. We save more on our electricity costs than ever before – last month we substantially reduced both our demand (KW) and consumption (KWH).

Our future plans include installing wet floor sensors so that our Solidyne system can alert us to any slippery areas of the store’s floor – potentially saving us thousands of dollars in customer injury claims.


Office / Commercial buildings


We were about to cancel our lease and move to another building because our employees were always uncomfortable in their work areas. Fortunately, the building owners installed a Solidyne system and our climate control has greatly improved.

Now, each employee is able to manage the temperature of his or her office using a desktop PC and the Internet. Our Operations Manager uses her PC to control the temperature and lighting of the conference room, common areas and warehouse.

Because the Solidyne system provides sub-metering capabilities, we now pay only our share of the power consumed based on the KWHs we use, not on the square footage of the office.

Our employees are happy, their productivity is up and we are renewing our office lease.


Health Care / Assited Living / Hospitals


In our facility the best possible air quality, the right air humidity and the best temperature are all very important to our doctors, nurses, patients and assisted living residents. We have extensive HVAC equipment to serve each individual room in the building. Previously all HVAC equipment was controlled manually on-site. The stability and accuracy of the equipment was rarely up to par. Once we installed a Solidyne system, the climate in our facility greatly improved. We are able to monitor and control our HVAC equipment around the clock with immediate access and response. Each zone has a weekly schedule that can be changed quickly and easily.

If an A/C component is on the verge of failing, the system provides advance warning ensuring our patients and residents are not inconvenienced. Each occupant is also able to control his or her individual room temperature.

One unique feature is the system’s ability to analyze the outside air conditions. If the weather conditions are ideal, the system modulates and brings fresh air into the building, improving air quality and saving us money!

The Solidyne system has reduced our energy consumption and provided a consistently comfortable climate for our residents. It was a wise investment for our facility.




It is essential that our customers are comfortable in our restaurant and many things could potentially disrupt the comfort levels. That is why we installed the Solidyne system.

Our HVAC equipment and the control devices must be reliable, consistent and accurate. Because we have drastic variations in the number of customers throughout the day, the system must monitor and respond to these changing conditions.

We have thousands of dollars’ worth of food in our walk-in coolers and freezers. Any problem could result in a large loss for our business. Proper control of kitchen ventilation is also a key requirement – cooking fumes must not drift into the dining area.

Our Solidyne system continuously and closely monitors all of our equipment. If equipment is about to fail, it notifies us immediately. The system controls all of our indoor and outdoor signage and lighting, along with our hot water heaters and air filters. We can change schedules and temperatures easily from any location using a web browser.

Solidyne has proven to be a trustworthy supplier of quality products.




We have large common areas, ball rooms and conference rooms in our hotel. In the past, frequent complaints forced us to continually send-in maintenance people before or during events to regulate temperature and humidity.

Now, our Solidyne system allows front desk personnel to schedule areas based on time of day and the event scheduled. In the past, heating and cooling equipment would run hours after events were over – now they shut off as scheduled.

One invaluable feature of our Solidyne system is its ability to detect the number of people in a conference room and automatically adjust the temperature and humidity. In larger ballrooms, we enter the size of the group and the desired temperature – the system takes care of the rest.

These subtle changes mean significant savings on our energy costs. No more locked thermostat covers!




The Solidyne DDC system has saved our school district significant amounts of money on energy costs while improving mechanical equipment performance. The pneumatic thermostats we previously used rarely worked and needed constant maintenance.

With our Solidyne system the heating and cooling equipment of all the buildings in our school district are controlled and monitored remotely. Because the system became part of our district’s Intranet, our maintenance engineers can use a web browser to control and monitor our heating and cooling equipment. The system instantly notifies our maintenance staff when a problem arises.

Each classroom can be controlled separately for optimum comfort. If a classroom is not occupied for an hour, the wall temperature sensors alert the system to reset room temperature to an energy saving level. We can schedule the system for any event, such as after-school activities or extended holidays, months in advance and it will control the climate accordingly.

Solidyne has made our classrooms better learning environments


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