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Software and Communication Modules

ICMS 5.0


The ICMS software is used to program and commission Solidyne legacy and BACNet controllers.  Fully backward compatible and available for all versions of windows from Windows 2000 and newer.

AX Workbench


The AX Workbench is a Windows or Linux based programming and commissioning tool for Niagara based devices (JACE).  The AX Workbench requires Java and either Windows (XP, 7, 8 or 8.1) or Linux operating system such as Ubuntu or Redhat.

AX Supervisor


The AX Supervisor is an enterprise software package that allows many JACE controllers to appear as one.  It also removes the memory burden of histories from the JACE controllers and allows many many years of historical data retention.  It is also fully compatible with MSSQL and mySQL.

M204-USB - USB to RS485


The M204-USB is a USB to RS485 adapter that has high USB retention type B socket and removable 5 position terminal block.

M205-USB - USB to RS485


The M205-USB is a USB to RS485 adapter that is great for technicians for onsite commssioning due to it's unique quick connect terminal block design allows rapid connection to the RS485 bus.

M204-NET - Ethernet to RS485


The M204-NET is an ethernet to RS485 adapter that is great for setting up remote communications.

M204-AN - Serial to RS485


The M204-AN is a 9 pin serial to RS485 adapter that can be used on a PC or device that does not have USB.

Solidyne Niagara Driver


The Solidyne Niagara Driver can be used on all JACE devices with a minimum of Niagara 3.7 (AX) or 4.4 (N4). 


The driver can be freely downloaded and will run for 2 hours for evaluation.

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