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i-3 communication modules monitors and controls systems through dynamic web pages at enterprise or local level.  Bi directional communication between connected controllers over internet or TCP/IP network, including between LON, BacNet,  MOD-bus and Solidyne proprietary controllers. Controls up to 6000 points with model   i3-6412 or 1400 points with model i3-3220
Solidyne Universal peer to peer unitary M2 , M2D and M2V controllers feature powerful 16 bit flash microprocessor to automate and monitor any mechanical system while continually logging pertinent programmed system operating data. Each M2 controller contains 8 universal inputs, 8 universal 0-10VDC outputs, and 8 virtual inputs. Up to 8 additional modular relay or triac outputs can be added.  As many as 1000 controllers may be linked through RS485 for up to 16,000 calculated I/O points.  Remote connectivity with i3 modules(i3-3220 / i3-6412) allows systems changes from any where with internet or intranet access.  Click links for more information on M2 and periphery devices such as sensors and output modules.
Solidyne SLN family of LonMark Certified Controllers provide PID control either standalone or networked in a LonWorks TP/FT-10 Free Topology communications network. With sLon-WTS sensor, operators can monitor performance and edit operational values. Controllers are available with satellite profile to be used in a broad range of applications, or pre-engineered profiles for packaged rooftops, heat pumps, fan coils unit ventilators or VAV.  Actuator, pressure transducer and controller are integrally packaged for VAV models.  Air Balancing using FBS VAV Flow Balance software.  SLN family of controllers is field programmable with WPT software, Click links for more information on SLN controllers and periphery devices.

Solidyne is pleased to carry a complete line of valves and actuators for any application. From damper actuators and zone valves to globe and ball valve and actuator assemblies, you’ll find it here.  Featuring Invensys DuraDrive and DuraLynx actuator and valve and actuator assemblies with  5 year warranty, low power requirements,  easy field assembly and wiring.  Erie Pop Top zone valves and damper actuators provide economical control, reliable operation and easy actuator field replacement. Erie Pop Top are especially suited for base board heating applications.  Click on links for more information on Valves, Actuators, and Valve and Actuator assemblies.

Solidyne products include many other products for HVAC, electrical and industrial applications. CT-100 split core multi range current transducer provides high accuracy with 4-20mA signal at low cost. Utility KW and KWH meter interface  3283-N pulse output to isolate and protect controller input. M301 Voltage to pressure transducer,  HOA-9 and HOA-5 HANDS-OFF-AUTO switch and analog output modules.