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Current Sensors


CT-200:  Split core 100 amp current transducer


  • 4-20 mA, two wire Split Core Current Transducer. 0 - 100 A in 5 different scales via program DIP Switch. Ranges: 0-2.5A, 0-10 A, 0-20 A, 0-50 A and 0-100 A. Each range has an output for 4-20 mA. Built in status LED.

CS-30C:  Split core current switch


  • Low cost solid state current switch that can handle up to 30A with a 0.4A trip point and can switch up to 50VDC @ 25mA.

CS-30A:  Solid core current switch


  • Very low cost and very low trip point of 0.1A.  It can switch up to 50VDC @ 50mA.



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