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Relays and Transformers


RM-5:  Daisy-chainable 24VAC relay w/HOA switch


  • DPDT Form 2C, 5A, Input Voltage: 24 VAC/DC, DIN Rail Mount,

  • Multiple RM-5 units plug into each other for minimum wiring, no multiple 24 VAC and Common

  • Built in HOA switch for applications controlling loads high voltage/current loads

  • LED status indicator

  • Feedback resistance for detecting HOA switch contact position


RM-10-2C: DPDT 24VAC relay


  • Panel or DIN Rail mount DPDT Form C, 10 Amp

  • Coil Voltage: 24 VAC

  • Includes Mounting socket and built in LED status indicator


RM-16-1C: Slim type 24VAC relay


  • Works 24 VAC and VDC

  • Form C - up to 16A @ 240 VAC (4800 VA)

  • Panel and DIN rail mountable

  • Occupies 50% less panel space

  • Built in Status LED and holding bracket


TR-24:  24VAC isolation transformer


  • Isolates electrical noise and unstable 24 VAC power source

  • Primary side connected 24 VAC and Secondary is also 24 VAC, isolated, Class II wiring


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