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2015 Dealer Conference - Post meeting summary

Thank you all for attending the 2015 Solidyne Dealer Conference! We hope that you had a great time with us and the other dealers, we certainly had a great time seeing each and every one of you. We know you are all very busy, so thank you again for attending.


I wanted to summarize some of the feedback you provided to us and some of the decisions that were made collectively.


Website related:


  • We will add the list of our dealers to our website, but it will only be available to dealers via a login

  • Some of the dealers have experienced end users downloading and installing software/firmware and causing problems with their sites. We will protect this area same as the dealer list above.

  • Free training for M2 Bacnet and M2 Niagara driver to be done via webinar. Ron Monzo from Bay Air Systems said he could help me with that. More info on this as it becomes available.

  • Dealer Discussion Board. This board is being put together by Frank Miraglia. When it is up and ready, I’ll post a bunch of stuff there and email everyone that it is available for use.


Advertising / Marketing related:


  • It was discussed that a dealer advertising/marketing fee of between $250 and $500 would be charged at the same time as the ICMS 5.0 yearly software renewal of April 1st, but I don’t think we are going to be able to decide on an amount and/or proper way to allocate these funds by that time. I also don’t think there was a fully collective agreement on where these funds would be spent (paper/web/both). Some more discussions need to be had on this subject. Your feedback about this section would be very helpful.

  • We also discussed an update to our marketing material such as the “Solidyne make a case for itself” brochure. It should be updated with our Bacnet and Niagara offerings, and also be available in hard copy and soft copy (PDF).

  • High profile installations. We will need each of you to submit some photos and short document/description of a few of your high profile installations so that we can put them either in the brochure material listed above, and/or our website. Jo Ann will be working to obtain this information from you in the near future.


ICMS 5.0 licensing related:


  • It was discussed that Solidyne will have a yearly software maintenance program for ICMS similar to Tridium’s format but with some differences. This is an effort to reduce costs for those dealers with more than just a few computers using ICMS 5.0

  • Dealers will have the option of either per seat yearly ICMS licensing or a yearly unlimited licensing.

  • Yearly unlimited licensing:

    • $1500/per year

    • $0/per seat

    • Unlimited seats

  • Yearly per seat licensing:

    • $500/per year & per seat

    • $42/mo prorated

  • End user version:

    • $500/per seat

    • No expiration

    • Program editor will be disabled

    • All other ICMS 5.0 features will be available

  • On site Engineering Tool:

    • $500/per seat

    • No expiration

    • Program editor will be enabled

    • All ICMS 5.0 features will be available

    • ICMS Config will only be able to have a database with 1 network


New products related:


  • M2 controllers are getting to the age that exceeds their battery backup life. We have created an external battery replacement option. This external battery connects to the existing battery jumper pins and has a Velcro backing where it can be attached to the M2 housing or transformer. The part# is M2-BAT-R and has a net price of $20.00.

  • We have begun shipping WTS-DB’s in plastic housings. These new plastic housings come in bright white or metallic silver. The housing has been re-engineered for tool-less attachment to the wall bracket. No longer requiring the 1/16” hex tool. See datasheet.


Links below are to the power point presentations used during the conference.


Alper Uzmezler – BAS Graphics & Services
Lyons Service
Art Collins – Collins Controls
Clark Gunness - Gaussan

Click HERE for some photos from the event


Thank you again for attending

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